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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  July 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and today is friday, july 11, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. developing right now, another violent night in philadelphia. two people are shot, one is dead, one shot, the other beaten. >> have you seen this woman? her family says she vanished in the middle of the night. now, they're hoping the public can help finds her. >> and violence in the middle east intensifies. president obama makes an offer to make tensions between israel and palestinians. lots to talk about this friday morning, first, let's talk about your forecast this friday as we head into the weekend. >> pretty decent day, certainly has been getting better with every passing day for most of us.
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folks down the shore yesterday got clobbered. >> hit pretty hard? >> clobbered. talking about almost 5 inches every rain in a couple of spots. these little pockets set up. that hit in the exact same spot over and over again. while we may have ended up with pretty decent day further inland, unfortunately a lot of folks down the shore got clobbered with the soaking rain. so it was highly localized, solo case dependent, depending on where you were, you saw completely different forecast unfold yesterday. now we are safe in saying that we are expect to go see at least some sunshine across the board here today, stray late day shower can't be ruled out. generally speaking starting to clear things out here. same frontal boundery that's been pest erring us now for couple of days really, continues to sag off to the south, high pressure, so we'll talk about it, have all of the details for up. back to you. >> deadly night last night in
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the fairhill section. one beat tone death, and one died. more on this investigation, nicole? ukee, erika, you're right. two people are dead. one person is in critical condition after a very violent night in north philadelphia. let's go ahead and roll some video, set the scene at least for the first incident. it happened just after 11:00 in the 2800 block of north fairhill street. that's where police found a 53 year old man laying in a pool of his own blood on the sidewalk of his own home. now we're told he suffered severe blunt force tram a to his head, died short time later. no word of motive yet. there are some reports after male seen running from the victim possibly with a metal object. then just after midnight another incident there is one the 2900 block of waterloo street, double shooting there, two men, 37 year old male, and 21 year old male, were taken to temple university hospital in critical condition.
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both having suffered gunshot wounds to the torso. now, the 37 year old man was pronounced dead shortly before 2:00 this morning. >> fortunately, we did find several private surveillance cameras in the area where the shooting took place. so hopefully these cameras recorded something that could help us with our investigation. >> now, as for that first scene, first incident involving the fatal beating we are told that witnesses were present and they are being interviewed by homicide detectives. that's the latest live outside police headquarters, nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. right now 4:33, we want our forecast for today and the weekend. >> right now starting to see things quiet down out there. even yesterday at this same time, still tracking some showers, few thunderstorms starting to erupt off to the southwest, eventually rolled through the shore towns, portions of delaware, at the moment, though, we take live look from new jersey across the river here, over the ben franklin bridge, all is calm and quiet.
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it is basically a clear sky at this point. so little cloud cover, but higher up in the sky. so you don't have to worry about any fog issues out there today. meanwhile, let's go next to some area rain and the we saw yesterday. beastly., 4.8 inches every rain in one fell swoop led to rivers in the roadways, it was crazy, just because it was so localized where these little pockets ended upsetting up. if it was more dispersed it would have been no harm, no foul, just typical summer day for everybody else. woodbine pick up shy of four inches, the list goes on, cape may, over half inch. it was a nutty day for the shore towns, tell you what. thankfully that system is starting to clear out of here. that means skies are doing the same. few lingering speckles of green on storm scan3, but, you know, really starting to clear out. i do think we could still see stray shower going through the day, maybe even rumble every thunder, but it won't be anything quite as concentrated or heavy as what we saw yesterday. starting to lose some of the moisture content in the
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atmosphere, good thing, makes it feel more comfortable, too. sixty-six in allentown, low 70s in philly. as we go forward in the forecast, we showed this earlier, temperatures expected to to rebounds to seasonable temperatures, 86, 87, the expected high. hey, victoria. these are dropping off her traffic sheets. wait your turn. >> i know. >> stray lengthy shower for you, quick heads up, guys, you can stay on top of the forecast by download g brand new cbs weather alerts, and always you can up load any weather pictures you take or videos, available in the app store, it will be coming soon to the android devices. warm welcome to our friend, tore. >> i hi, everyone, i'm so sorry. that was so my fault. i'm so eager to get the people moving this morning. i apologize about that. good morning, everyone, and probably because i just have a lot of good news to deliver. as we look at the schuylkill expressway, right around the area of 476, so no problems on the blue route itself, on the
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schuylkill itself, eastbound and westbound commuting you are doing just fine, not only your western suburbs, but also downtown philadelphia, even around the stretch of the walt whitman bridge, any commuting you are doing up and over the bridge you look great. ninety-five through the construction zones, also nice clear ride, in major problems, speed censors look good all over the board, 55 on the schuylkill, 55, 476. mid-county toll plaza area also moving well. how much, we do have accident on 309 southbound near bethlehem pike. you will find a vehicle off into the guardrail there. so, just be mindful of that if that's where you are headed. over night construction, between ft. washington and bensalem. all of new jersey loose just great. no major problems for mass transit. see, good news, erika. >> we'll take good news while we k mother vanishes from her delaware home in the middle of the night. this morning her family pleads for the public's help to fine her. it has been more than a week since anyone has seen 33 year
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old ms. trader. an eyewitness said he saw someone forcing the mother of three in a a car in the middle of the night. her family fears the worse. >> we know she went to the store. she came home, who ever was here, they was here. and she got taken. >> once again, trader was last seen being put into her car, a car like this one, a silver 2,000 acura rl similar to the one you saw on your screen. man seen forcing her into that car is only described as wearing black hoodie, and tan shorts. wilmington is moving ahead with plans to eliminate seven firefighter jobs all of which are currently vacant. the city says it will save nearly $450,000. however, firefighters say, it is going to result in more overtime. they add it could affect response times if engines are taken out of service. >> this is just totally inefficient. nobody can tell me that, you know, an engine company close in the one area and another engine had to come from a
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whole another neighborhood. still will have the same response times, just not practical. >> right now wilmington has 172 firefighters. more than a week after it passed pennsylvania's legislature, governor tom corbett has signed pennsylvania's budget but criticized lawmakers for not including pension reform in the 27 billion-dollar spending plan. governor blamed rising pension costs for the state's $1.6 billion deficit. >> when a 163 school districts already have been forced to raise property taxes in pennsylvania families, to pay for sky-rocketing pension costs. >> also vetoed for the general assembly. angered lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. more jobs are headed for camden new jersey's economic development authority has approved a $260 million tax credit spread out over ten years. whole tech international and energy company headquartered in evesham is the beneficiary. it will build a 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility at
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the port of camden. evesham mayor says the expansion to camden will not mean any loss of jobs in his community. there is much more to cover here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", president obama offers to help ease tensions in the middle east. >> and, could
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>> president obama said willing to negotiate a cease-fire with hamas. clash in the town of bethlehem. militants fired more than 100 rockets at israel on thursday. israel responded with more air strikes on gaza. at least 85 palestinians have been killed since the israeli operations began. there is a possible compromise on capitol hill to solve the immigration influx it, could result in quicker deportations of minors arriving from central america.
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republicans are demanding speedier deportations as a way to stem the tide of young immigrants crossing the border. but, for some key democratic senators that proposal is dead on arrival. a wild fire in washington state may force more people to pack up and leave their homes. the fire has burned across 28 square miles in just two days. crews have shutdown a 30-mile section of highway 97a. a fire official said that fire is threatening nearly 200 buildings. more than 400 firefighters are battling the flames. huge fire out west, and back here at home, hoping for decent weekend. >> yes, and generally speaking, we're looking good. so, you know, always couple of little hiccups along the way, unless high pressure is set in place, and not going anywhere. then you can bank on bright blue skies and quiet weather. but we've got this front nearby. >> big hiccup. >> yes, it is not as big of a hiccup as yesterday was. every day that wet weather potential goes down, dwindles
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with time. so today you know, just isolated chance for shower or pop up rumble every thunder. nothing major. most of you ends up with decent day. yes, one of the things that i have to mention. makes for word year forecast, i can't say sunny and bright. today will be again mainly sun which couple of clouds here and, there but some of will you pick up the stray shower. now, here is the culprit, guy that just won't leave. here he is, still chucking away with additional moisture, most of which is now thankfully out to sea. shore points in delaware got clobbered yesterday with the heavy rain and now casino of like what we saw yesterday, ford removed the to the east, over open water with steady rain with all of the moisture streaming up basically right along that cold front. now the wider zoom shows skies continue to clear out midwest, new england region, all looking good. we're right on the cusp of that. so again, looking at more nice conditions than anything. but some of you may just pick up that very spotty shower. now, high pressure is to thank
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for the nice weather across the midwest, still trying to build in here. i think will have a chance to do so tomorrow. so again, generally sunny day, upper 80s expected, pretty seasonable, then already, you know, you bling and then the next series of fronts on the move. so by sunday we start to see the clouds thickening up, with time, most of the day locks good, eventually shower or thunderstorm may be triggered out there courtesy of the approaching front. so breaking it all down for you, 87 with sunshine generally the theme, high hits 87 as i said, very seasonable for us out there, just stray light day shower. mainly clear for us later tonight. drop down to 70. then tomorrow really looks like pretty much the nicest day of the next four. because we've got to throw in the potential for showers and storms sunday, by monday, tuesday, series of fronts continues to move through. so hot, it is steamy, it is definitely active on the radar, we think, even tuesday could produce some severe weather, with just nice big heads up for you on that. so we have to keep our eye on that pattern as it evolves,
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ukee, back to you. thank you, katie n sports, phillies are back home tonight to start the last series before this year's all-star break. a.j. burnett gets the start against the nationals, first pitch 705:67:89 yesterday in milwaukee, fills were no hit into the seventh inning. and in the eighth, the hit parade began. phils scored seven runs with two outs in that inning. codey ashley, dominick brown, jimmy rollins, each had two runs batted in. hernandez batted twice, even point hit runner wound up with a hit. big piece played a big part. ryan howard would hit two run homerun in the ninth. oh, that baby is going. love the way he drops that bat. phils win this one final score was nine to one. we had a meeting in a cage with the hitters, with the hit being coaches, you know, just get back to like i said last night, play the game within the game. baseball is tough enough, and going out there, worried about winning every single day, you stop playing the game because
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you are so focused on winning. but play the game, you find yourself good position. that happened today. after the game phils starter david buchanon was sent down to lehigh valley. phils will bring up outfielder. phillies moved cliff lee to the 06 day disable list officially, eligible to come back july 18th. it makes room for size more, allows buchanon to stay on his schedule through the all-star break. sources say sixers and rockets have a deal in place to bring lin-sanity, jeremy lin, to the wells fargo center. journey in the last year after contract worth 15 million. deal has issues, though, namely, bron bron, labron james. to get lynn, james has to sign with cleveland, then chris bosh would sign with houston, and the rockets would have to move lin, there will be a quiz tomorrow morning. stay tuned. the flyers development camp underway, skate zone in voorhees, in attendance the flyers last three top draft picks. samuel more, scott, and san
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high. the nfl network released list of the top ten players in the league right now voted on by the plows. the eagles shady mccoy was ranked fifth, peyton manning, tom brady, adrienne peterson, training camp set to open up around the league in about two weeks, the eagles start on the 25th of the list. >> touch watching that game again with all of the snow coming down, remember that last fall? >> oh, i loved that. that was a fun game. >> the winner? >> don't wore bit winner, just loved flying. >> you loved playing in it? >> but the snow don't want to see it. challenge to quit baseball, at least temporarily. >> first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. hi. i'm shawn johnson of the 2008 u.s. gymnastics team. i'm here with our friends from "veggie tales" to say... all: be a player. get up and play an hour a day. besides gymnastics, how do you stay in great shape, shawn? i love to dance and rollerblade.
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cool. cool. you don't have to be an olympian to be a player. just do the things you already love to do, like jump rope, ride a bike, or even play freeze tag. now, that's something to flip for. well done. for fun ways to get healthy, visit
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>> our time is 4:49. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jim, the government filed a
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lawsuit against amazon yesterday. surprise add bunch of people. what's this all about? >> reporter: well, good morning, ukee, erika. the federal trade commission is suing a.m. zone saying that the company hasn't done enough to stop children from spending millions of dollars on unauthorized in app purchases. filed yesterday, focuses on charges related to games on kindle devices, but amazon says it won't settle with the ftc. it already refunded money to parents who complains, and has implemented strong parental controls. ukee, erika? >> jill, i hear there is a group challenging people to quit facebook at least for short time. >> yes, could you live without facebook for 99 days? challenge from dutch non-profit, and this comes in response to that controversial mood experiment, which facebook recently admitted it conducted on hundreds of thousands of users. so, this is asking users to quit the social network for three months, then participate
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in an on line study, to see how living without facebook impacts happinessment ukee, erika? >> i could do that. >> i probably could, too, but i bet some people would freak out. >> i'm sure they would. >> well, are they paying for this? i don't know, jill. >> interesting. >> i don't think you're getting money. i think you're rewarded with all of your extra time. >> there you go, free time to read, call friends. >> thanks, jill. thanks, jill. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's.
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>> good morning, for this friday, dealing with not too much at all so lots of good news to start your morning. ninety-five there is out here around the area of broad street stretch, exit in south philly. if you are traveling southbound or northbound, looks great. maybe headed down to philadelphia international moving out of the delaware
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county, center city, everything really looks like. >> this so as we move our way over to 202, it does seem to be like a little hazy around this point, but we really don't have anything to worry about. traveling southbound, northbound, but for the weekend, to two around 29, which is this point here, about to do construction, as we tack a look at the wide speed ons ores look great, in the 50's where ever you are traveling. accident around bethlehem pike. no major delays however for mass transit. katie, how are we looking this weekend for the shore and weather and fun stuff? >> i think overall actually looks like the weather pattern will be little more on our side for the next couple of days been against us feels like for few days here had to track some showers, some storms, especially at the shore yesterday. that's where we ended with some of the heaviest of the wet weather. still see some real heavy rain associated with very same front. now well out to sea. the problem is this front
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isn't completely done with us. it is very, very stubborn. so, we're still going to be left with very isolated shower perhaps rumble every thunder, but i do think most of you actually evening out pretty decent day. if you have outdoor plans, keep them. if you hear thunder of course head inside. should be very isolated. one of those are you feeling lucky scenarios here. sixty-six in ac, cooler by comparison, front actually starting to dissipate and pull away. but again, it is not completely gone just yet. let's talk about the shore. shall we? get some clouds, see some sun, there will again be just a shower perhaps rumble every thunder here and there, ounce being the index at been here today with rip countries being thankfully still low, 79 degrees the anticipated high wyndmoor on shore, may keep cloud cover in for some of you. but should be modest breeze at worse. >> here is a look at stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for this friday. for children called in the middle of custody disputes it, can be traumatic.
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now there is an effort to ease the strain. three homes on historic elfreth's alledgedly up for sale. remember that phillies mural announced some three years ago now? finally going up. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 10:60 a.m. >> love alfred's alley. >> hisses at this, all about it. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", hundreds of pink slips going out to philadelphia school workers. we'll tell you whose job is on the line. plus: >> i mean, think about that. sue me for doing my job. >> president obama responds to republicans planning to sue him. why the lawsuit is specially ironic. >> and, some sailors caught off guard. the big surprise to see suddenly flips their yacht over. more on this coming
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cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now, a violent night in the city. two people are killed within an hour of each other. and less than a mile apart. and one of the attacks involved an unusual weapon. also, handing out pink slips. hundreds every philadelphia school workers are about to lose their jobs. who is being let go, and the unexpected reason why they're getting fired. today's friday, july 11, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also there is morning: the crisis in israel escalates, ignites huge fireball at a gas station. now, president obama is stepping up to help ease the tension. katie? >> erika, today actually looks little better than yesterday did. some of you actually ended up with real nice day, but
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specially down the shore, you are getting hammered with pounding rain through the better part of the day. it is looking up. we'll have the details straight ahead. tory? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, so far soap good on all of the roadways, we look at 676, it is a breeze from river to river. however, it is a friday, folks are headed down the shore, we'll see what happens this rush hour. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. in the news, developing right now, philadelphia police are investigating two crimes in one north philadelphia neighborhood. that happened within minutes of each other. >> that violence left two men dead, another fighting for his life. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer join us now at police headquarters with this developing story. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ukee, erika. well, you're right, at this hour, police are searching for the suspect, and also the motive surrounding the two very violent crimes, crimes that as you mentioned have left two men dead, and one in critical condition. in north philadelphia, a fatal beating and a double shooting, all within the hour, about a half mile


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